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Our research staff and students conduct investigations that span the geosciences spectrum. 

The Centre's research includes the following themes, with applications to conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons and CO2 sequestration, and with links to geothermal and groundwater:

  • 3D Earth Modelling – Geological analysis and model building from the tectonic scale (plate motions and forces, rifting), to the basin scale (basin evolution, structure, stratigraphy, source, seals, reservoirs), to the reservoir scale (depositional environments, geologic heterogeneity, reservoir fluid flow).
  • 3D Geophysical Imaging – Exploration of new areas in difficult imaging environments for locating hydrocarbons and CO2 sequestration potential, with links to geothermal and groundwater resources.  Exploration and development of new hydrocarbon concepts, fields and reservoirs in complex depositional environments including estimation of detailed reservoir properties.
  • 4D Geophysical Monitoring – Time-lapse monitoring of subsurface fluid flow for optimising hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 sequestration, with links to groundwater and geothermal projects.

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