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Reservoir Monitoring Research Consortium

The UWA Reservoir Monitoring Research Consortium, or UWA:RM, sponsors a program of interdisciplinary research and development.

The research concerns reservoir characterisation and monitoring related to hydrocarbon exploration and production, including geo-sequestration of greenhouse gases, and related problems in petroleum geosciences.

There are singificant benefits available to members.

Associate membership

  • access to members-only research meetings, workshops and field trips
  • early access to innovative consortium research results prior to publication
  • preferred research partner – as consortium researchers develop new concepts and tools to apply in petroleum geoscience, members will have the first opportunity to participate
  • preferred access to consortium research staff and distinguished visiting researchers
  • opportunities to network with students, your future employees, through our meetings, workshops, field trips and networking functions for members
  • discounts on professional development workshops and training courses (50 per cent).

Research membership

  • all the benefits of Associate membership
  • technical research reports and pre-publications of consortium research results
  • access to use or commercialise consortium-developed research software
  • royalty-free licence to use or commercialise all consortium research results (IP).

To become a member

If you would like to become a member, please contact us.

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